A few signs that your partner is cheating on you

Little time for shared pleasures, postponing intimate contacts ... There are many such signals. I know this from my own experience as well as from the experience of people with whom I spoke online during the session. As she emphasizes, it is not about paranoia, but about keeping your eyes open to what may be evidence of this, that we are being betrayed. It helps others to attract love, but also to cope with breakups. Dramatized people come to sessions with her, but also those who cheat.

Manipulation and accusation
Manipulation, blaming, blaming, picking on. It happens that this is how the person who cheats begins to behave. - There's a lot of it. Whoever cheats feels guilty because he has done something contrary to previous declarations or marriage vows. This could be a sign that he is struggling with his remorse. However, he may also want to take the focus away from the romance in this way, 'he explains.

The phone is always with you
Too long admission is not necessary here. We all know that we live in the age of social media and we practically never part with our phones. However, such excessive care that you always have your phone with you can be an alarm signal. - When your partner closes the toilet in the toilet, it's a bit weird. Especially when he does so often. Perhaps this means that he is flirting with someone. How do I know that? I will tell you straight. I know this from talking to women who are also in secret contact with other men. They are often married women who are bored with their marriage. The husband does not meet their expectations, he is no longer interested in their intimate life and is busy with work

Excessive and sudden self-care
There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone looking after their health, checking what lands on their plate and being active. There is nothing wrong with the fact that suddenly, for example, when it turns out that he has elevated cholesterol, he wants to work on himself and his condition. This change in life may not be a bad thing in the context of the relationship.

Covering traces
Covering your tracks by presenting evidence of innocence. –Proposing: "Okay, I'll show you my mail. You have nothing to worry about." When, perhaps, somewhere on the side there is a second phone or another e-mail account. You have to be especially careful about this in relationships where something is no longer relevant. Where there have been some verbal skirmishes, where there is mutual blame, where partners feel that the other person is not meeting their expectations, says the coaching expert.

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