Air conditioning for your apartment should meet basic conditions

Which air conditioning should you choose? You can make the decision on the type of device yourself, based on our tips. In order for residential air conditioning to be as comfortable as possible and fulfill its function perfectly, it is worth carefully analyzing the conditions resulting from the shape of the building, interior layout, etc.

Wall air conditioners
The simplest solution is a wall-mounted split air conditioner. The indoor unit of such an air conditioner, as the name suggests, is mounted on the wall of your choice. The outdoor unit is usually placed on the balcony. It is placed on anti-vibration feet or mounted on a balustrade or an external wall. In some cases, this is not possible and we are left with a roof or a basement.

Floor-standing air conditioners
It also happens that the air conditioner in the house cannot be mounted on the upper part of the wall, e.g. due to lack of space. A console-type air conditioner, which is placed e.g. next to a radiator, can be a solution here. Cool air is blown from the top of the device, and warm air flows downwards, giving you full comfort in the room.

Cassette air conditioners
If you have or plan to install a suspended ceiling in your home - instead of blowing on the wall, you can opt for a cassette air conditioner mounted in the ceiling. The air stream from the cassette spreads to 4 sides, thanks to which such residential air conditioning provides full comfort of air supply. This is a very advantageous solution due to the evenness of the blowing.

Duct air conditioners
Another solution for air-conditioning an apartment or a house is a duct air conditioner. Such a device is used when you want to supply air from the wall or ceiling, and there is no place for a traditional wall-mounted air conditioner. Cool or heated air is distributed through ducts to the room and the air outlet ends with an aesthetic grille, which you choose in our catalog or order individually.

Multi Split air conditioning
Our clients often air-condition several rooms in their house or apartment. Here, multi-split air conditioners are used. This type of system means that one outdoor unit of an air conditioner serves several indoor units, which are placed in different rooms. There are wall, cassette, duct and console air conditioners to choose from. Depending on the brand of air conditioners and the available series of types, we select our clients the best solutions for full air comfort.

What air conditioning should I choose for my apartment? Does the brand matter?
When choosing an air conditioner manufacturer and installing it, it is good to follow your own comfort. The air conditioner in the house should be, first of all, quiet so as not to disturb you while sleeping, it is also important that the devices are highly energy-efficient, which does not overstate electricity bills and the cleanest air you breathe. The air conditioning warranty service is important - the availability of spare parts, the speed of response of the company that installed the air conditioning for you and the WARRANTY granted for air conditioners and installation. With comprehensive service, i.e. when you buy and install air conditioners from one supplier, you will not hear that someone else has broken refrigerant, which should be as short as possible - approx. 6 m
such air-conditioning also has an individual electric power supply

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