Types of online casino bonuses

High roller bonus
Bonus only works when you deposit very large amounts. They can be up to several thousand zlotys. The bonus does not work with small amounts and the restrictions are clearly stated in the terms and conditions.
Advantages: Not very high bonus requirements, the bonus is very often easily withdrawable. Cons: Not everyone can take advantage of the bonus as it requires a very large amount of money.
Is it worth taking? Many players feel that it is worth waiting for such a bonus and collecting a larger amount for it, because the turnover is usually smaller and its requirements are not too high.

Loyalty program
Many casinos choose to run their own loyalty program. With its help, you earn points by making regular deposits, playing frequently and logging in. Points can then be redeemed for cash, free spins and even physical rewards like cars. A large number of points means that the player is given priority.
Pros: The loyalty program offers a lot of privileges, such as faster withdrawals, bigger bonuses, lifting of limits on withdrawals, additional rewards and many more.
Cons: The casino bonus is not instant and unfortunately you have to scrupulously collect points, make frequent deposits, and it can take a relatively long time to collect the right amount.

Is it worth taking? It is always worth being a member of a loyalty program, preferably from the very beginning. However, it may take some time to complete the next stages, so if you are patient this is an option for you.

Registration bonus
We get such a bonus immediately after registering and it is in the form of free spins, and sometimes even free cash. To become a participant of the promotion, all you need to do is register or enter the appropriate code provided by the online no deposit casino bonus.

Advantages: The bonus helps to kick start our gambling career without the need to put in any money, you can check how betting and other games without money work.
Disadvantages: The registration bonus is usually not too high, in the regulations you can often find information that you cannot win anything for the bonus.
Is it worth taking? This is a completely free bonus, so it's okay to accept it. We won't waste time registering or entering the code, so getting it is not complicated.

Active game bonus
Many casinos appreciate active players and give them various bonuses. Most often they are not very large (small amount of money, a few free spins).
Pros: You pay nothing for the bonus and you get it when you are active enough and make regular deposits.
Cons: Quite small amounts, you have to deposit quite often to get the bonus.

Is it worth taking? If you are a very active player, there are no obstacles for you to accept the bonus. However, if you only visit the casino from time to time, there is probably no chance that you will get one.

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